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go fucking source
go fucking source
Follow back?

Most people post source on pictures but it gets taken off by some people that reblogs it. You're not helping anybody by changing the source to your blog. You're just making it harder for people like me to go to the original poster and find the source that they put.

Actually no, most people DON’T post the source back to the photographer, that’s why this URL was made, and I’m sure I want people to visit my SIDE blog, just look at my amazing theme and all the pictures I reblog, I definitely blog on this, yeah.

"Ask me anything and quit hiding behind anond" even though the sidebar picture is the anonymous icon and you mention that youre not giving out your personal url... Makes alot of sense.

I’m glad you have eyes, I could careless what anyone thinks of this side blog, me and the rest of the admins just wanted the URL to send a message to non-sourcing blogs, I’ve been saying this since day 1.
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Just a question from a Tumblr newbie. Why do you advise creating a Flickr or 100px (?) account instead of sourcing to your own site? I just deleted my Flickr account as I just created my own portfolio site, and I'd rather not deal with Flickr again.

I only advertise those sites as an example to prove the picture is yours rather than putting someone’s blog URL in the source and click through with no prof what so ever, I know a couple photographers that use 500px now over Flickr.

can you not put your url as the source thanks

Why Crediting is Important



What’s supposed to happen


What’s happening when you don’t credit


What you’re making them do


Every artist grow by displaying their work and getting critique. But when their work is spread around without any credit to the artist, AND EVEN MAKES THE OWN ARTIST DELETE IT FROM HIS/HER SITE it lost the purpose and meaning.

It really annoys me when people take my photography or Gifs and upload them as their own. What bothers me more is when I find them and ask them to take them down and they basically tell me to "eff off". I get it, it's the internet and you can't keep everything your own.. Even I am guilty of finding an image on Google and not sourcing it but that is because I don't know where that image is from and that is rare anyway. This one person though has stolen loads if my Gifs, It's annoying!

Yeah, i hear you, unfortunately, yes this is the internet and no matter how hard we try people will continue to steal photos and not source. 

Seguindo, amei aqui *-*

English please

^ I think she said she followed us… and she love us?


I’m not sure… I just used google translate. hahaha :P

Sorry if that last message came off as rude or patronizing, but I don't see how magnifying the problem is helping anyone. If you truly cared about crediting original artists and photographers you would take the time to find the source and replace URLs with the source, rather than ANOTHER tumblr. That's just perpetrating more 'stealing' if you ask me.

I know but when this side blog was made we had no intention of actually blogging on it, we don’t want followers, we actually don’t even want people to come to our blog. I mean come on, we have the default theme on it, lol, does it look like i want people to come here? I just want people to know that if they see “gofuckingsource” on a picture, they should know right away that it wasn’t sourced, yeah I’m not helping by putting my URL in the source and click through but i have support from a lot of people that accept what we do and a team to back me up, everyone has their own opinion, we don’t plan on using this as a source changing blog to its actual owners, you would have to no life on tumblr on a daily basis to cover all the unsourced pictures we see on here, all of us three admins have lives, we’re gonna stay how we are, sorry.

Ok, yeah I understand that, but if I source it to flickr people will still change it >.< funny you mention the landscape tag because I'm top contributor there :) anyway have a nice day! :)

ah yes, that’s bound to happen, all the three admins of gofuckingsource have been top contributors to landscape so we know how it works, someone probably changed the source and put their blog and somehow it reached our dashboards unsourced, it happens.